Design: Devin Lee  | Ecommerce  Lead: Madeline Sheahan |  Developer: James Auble

Couplet Coffee
Digital Design,  Web Design, UI/UX, Branding, Copywriting
Couplet Coffee is a  speciality coffee  shop that is queer woman owned. They aim to make coffee fun and approachable, “not douchey”. For this project, Couplet reached out for us to create a custum  Ecommerce website, where users can shop and learn more about the brand. 

I worked directly with our Ecomm lead, as  well as our developer to create this site.  We. started with wireframes and brand application explorations to see how we can  evolve and also utilize their eccentric branding to exist on a digital space.  Working on this project, we wanted the site to feel alive, quirky, fun,  and interactive, yet also be user friendly and stay true to the nature of an ecomm site.

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